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Samsung Galaxy s9 G960U1UEU3CSA8 9.0 5Files official Firmware

samsung galaxy s9
samsung galaxy s9 release date

samsung s9 G960U1UEU3CSA8 9.0 5Files official Firmware 

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Galaxy S9 best features

1. Iris scan do-over 

samsung galaxy s9 face iris intelligent scan unlock 2 If it doesn't unlock the first time, the Galaxy S9 gives you a do-over.

2. Split-screen mode

I've tested split-screen mode on plenty of Galaxy phones, but it wasn't until I began using the Galaxy S9 Plus full time that it all clicked. Now, instead of inventing reasons to try it out, I began to turn to split-screen reflexively.

3. Quick-access to apps and people

A tab that lives on the edge of many Galaxy phones is called the Edge display. Swipe it open to get to a sort of shortcuts bar that you can access from any screen. Although it isn't unique to the Galaxy S9, I find myself using it at least once a day, usually to quickly open a weather app -- because I'm obsessed with microclimates, aren't you? -- or Google Drive. The idea is that I don't have to think about where the app icon lives. This tab makes it a constant no matter where in the phone I am.

4. Customizations galore

You could get lost in the Galaxy S9's submenus of settings and advanced options. Sifting through your customization options can be an exhaustive pursuit, but a rewarding one if you stumble on some graphic or layout choice that really speaks to you.

5. Samsung Pay

Launched in 2015, Samsung Pay is now a fixture in the Galaxy firmament, but that doesn't make it less special on the Galaxy S9. Apple Pay and Google Pay are great mobile payment options, but only Samsung Pay lets you make a payment at literally any terminal, even those that claim they don't accept mobile payments.

That's because Samsung Pay can work like the magnetic stripe on your credit card when you hold it near the mag-stripe reader. The fact that Samsung now awards buyers cash back for using Samsung Pay with certain retailers (in the US for starters) gives you even more reason to use it.

How To Flash 5File Firmware For samsung galaxy s9
  • Make Unzip File Zip

  • Open Odin TAB AP , BL , CP , CSC,User data and Choose Files

  •  Enter Your Device Download Mode (DM Mode)

  • Reboot Phone in Download Mode 

       (press and hold Home + Power + Volume  Down buttons)

  •  Connect Phone And Wait Until You Get A Blue Sign In Odin

  •  Make Sure re-partition is NOT Ticked

  •  Click the Start button and You know the Rest

  • Done


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