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Enable OEM Unlock back Solution Note 8 NOTE9 S8 S8 + S9 S9 + S10 S10 + A10 a20 a30 m20 m50

How to enable OEM Unlock Back Solution

Samsung will allow us to cancel the factory lock for the following devices: 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , Samsung Galaxy S8,  Samsung Galaxy S8+,
Samsung Galaxy S9,  Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung 
Galaxy S10+ ,Samsung Galaxy a10,
Samsung Galaxy a20, Samsung Galaxy 30, Samsung Galaxy m20, 
Samsung Galaxy A50 

After 7 days of activating the phone and adding a Samsung account or Google Account, we have to wait the specified period.

But here in Yemen-Pro, I will show you how to enable OEM, without waiting 7 days

- Go to Settings.
- Make deselect (automatic date and time).
- Go back and go About phone.
- make activate developer options.
- Go to developer options.
Make de-select (automatic update system)
- Go Back and Go to Update System We cancel (download automatic updates).
- Make Reboot System and after reboot go to developer options 
- Congratulation. OEM Enabled.

Big Thanks For phoenixteam


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