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how to flashing stock rom using odin

Flashing with 5 Firmware Download Files
This flashing option refers to later Samsung versions featuring 5 firmware files to download. The procedure is actually the same with some slight differences. You need to indicate your phone details including version, region, PDA and CSC number.

The rest of the procedure is a bit different. Apart from the first flashing option, the archive consists of 5 different files. Make sure you have them all when downloading the firmware. Those files include:

how to flash stock rom using odin

  • AP (System &Recovery)
  • BL (Bootloader)
  • CP (Modem / Radio)
  • CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)
  • HOME_CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)

Now you need to do this following

  • You need to insert each of the files from the archive into the Odin fields respectively. If you need to do the clean flash, you need to use CSC_***. If you do not want to have the data or apps removed from the phone, use HOME_CSC_***.
  • Now you need to get your phone to the Download Mode by pressing Home + Volume Down + Power buttons. Make sure it is switched off before you do that. Also, note that the combination of buttons can be different in some rare occasions. You can try different options in case the first one does not work.
  • Now you need to use your USB cable to connect the handset to PC or laptop. If everything runs smoothly, Odin software will quickly detect your device. Then you will see a blue dot signalizing that everything is okay.
  • Now you need to be very careful when ticking the right boxes. F. Reset Time and Auto-Reboot are the ones we are looking for.
  • Now it is high time we clicked the Start button and waited until Odin gives us the green light saying “PASS”. It means that you can finally access the green box.
  • Congratulations! Your flashing has been successfully completed!

Now you are free to disconnect your phone from the PC. Make sure it has made the automatic reboot before plugging out the cable.

Although we deal with the official Samsung firmware, users deal with phone flashing and updating at their own risk. So, removing your SIM or microSD before you start the process will be a good idea. Smash the Like button and subscribe to our channel if you find this tutorial helpful! Feel free to share your comments!


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