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How to bypass the pass code (PIN) on iPhone

How to bypass the passcode (PIN) on iPhone

Most of you face the problem of forgetting the passcode, and of course, because the iPhone is one of the safest devices, bypassing the password is almost impossible, and with every update to iOS, Apple fills the gaps, and it is more complicated to bypass the password.

We'd like to tell you how to behave if your device is completely disabled and locked up on the lock screen.

In this article, we would like to tell you how to behave if your device is completely disabled and locked up on the lock screen, because many users are ignorant of the correct ways to do so.

Use the iMyFone LockWiper application

This is the best way to get your device back up and keep you away from problems you might have with other methods. There are a number of professional applications that offer you the solution at the push of a button.

IMyFone LockWiper Features

  • Helps to wipe the old iCloud an account on the second-hand device without needing any password.
  • Unlocks 4-digit, 6-digits, Face ID, or Touch ID screen-locked iPhone/iPad in a few clicks.
  • Assists you get back into your locked, disabled, faulty button and broken screen iPhone/iPad.
  • Helps you easily find back your forgotten Restrictions or Screen Time passcode without damaging any data.
  • It’s compatible with iOS 12 and all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Initially connect the device to your computer and run the program.

The application will then guide you on how to access the device configuration system.

It will then guide you to the correct system file to download.

After that it will make sure that your device will work very well with the installed Firmware.

Then start the process of opening the device which will take minutes

Congratulations now your device is working again and will be unblocked, and your device will return as it was after restoring the backup, so you should always be ready and have a backup of all your data.


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