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iOS 14 release date

iOS 14 release date, features we want and rumors

while Apple is currently busy with working on iOS 13.3, a designer went ahead and created a concept video showing how the next major software update, iOS 14, could look like.

Tech giant Apple has just recently released iOS 13.2, adding more features that could make the iPhone experience better than ever before. While the iPhone operating system isn't entirely perfect, one could see that Cupertino is working to make it better than previous versions.

Sometimes, however, Apple's plans aren't what fans had in mind. And so, a designer named theHacker34 (via Cult Of Mac) collected all the iOS leaks and rumors that he could find and came up with a concept video that showcases just how iOS 14 –the next major software update for the iPhone– could look like. Here's a quick look at what the video showed:

Apple iOS 14 Features Showcased In New Concept Video

considering the last big iPhone operating system update, iOS 13, just launched with plenty of long-awaited features like dark mode, it’s still coming - and we’re very curious what iOS 14 features are headed our way.

Other iOS 14 features take a little bit of speculative leaps to imagine what tweaks Apple might make in its continual improvements on its iPhone operating system

iOS 14 release date and beta schedule

we’re guessing that iOS 14 will launch in late September 2020. That will be just in time for the launch of the iPhone 12, which will be the first phone to get the next iOS.

Assuming Apple follows prior years, it will likely unveil iOS 14 at its annual WWDC conference. The first public beta will follow later in the month, and will accordingly get new betas after the developer versions.

iOS 14 what we want to see

Smart composition

These days, everyone’s doing business on their phones, including sending emails at all hours. So why can’t we insert links into text in iOS’ Mail client? Or in third-party mail clients like Gmail?

This isn’t just a convenience issue - inserting links just looks more professional. When responding to clients or simply wanting to save space it would be great to give the impression that we’re responding from desks - and not filling our messages with eyesores like full links.

iOS 14 rumors

Smarter spam calls filter

While iOS 13 introduced the capability to detect and block spam phone calls, it isn’t too smart. Silence Unknown Callers, as it’s termed, does exactly that - completely blocking any number not from your contact list and sending it straight to voicemail. That’s a good start, but a bit of a strong measure that isn’t too useful for folks with incoming calls from new business contacts or Tinder dates.

Instead, it would be great to see smarter alerts that indicate probable spam calls, as some carriers have started doing and some third-party App Store apps do – for a price. Then it would be nice to have different levels of filtering - light blocking for only the most obvious spam numbers all the way up to aggressive filtering of any call that even has a chance of being a scam.

iOS 14 usher in the 5G iPhone era

This might be the easiest feature to guess Apple will bring to the operating system in 2020. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with other 5G phones, this feature can’t be retroactively applied to older iPhones - hooking up to 5G networks requires a particular type of modem and compatible processors. Only the newest phones with the latest top-tier chipsets and modems have been capable of harnessing 5G.



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